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Posted by Bob on September 3, 2013 at 4:40 AM

This week I've been bombarded with an exceptional amount of, what I consider to be, unethical and almost insulting emails. Why do I say this? In a normal week I receive my share of solicited Internet marketing related emails. Yes, as an Internet Marketer, I do subscribe to many of my piers newsletters and weekly emails. I do this because I know it is"best practice" to read what my friends are working on for the week.

I love reading the hot topics, issues, and learning about new products or services which might help me or my fellow man marketing friends. . This week I've noticed a sad trend in the content of many of my inbox emails; many of these emails I am finding to be flat out lies and also contain deceptive information. I recall several emails telling me that my bank had a deposit error. I was missing deposits on several of my affiliate programs.

I must admit, these were exceptionally well written emails, and they did cause me to react, but I reacted not as the sender intended. I feel foolish knowing that because of one email I spent several hours on the phone and computer trying to research the possible problem, only to find out I had fallen for a unscrupulous email marketer. . I do want to express how important it is, that as Internet marketing leaders, we remain true, professional and honest in all our activities including the content in our articles and emails. Yes, I did act on the senders email, but my action was simple, I unsubscribed to their list. I also sent the individual a personal email trying to explain my concerns, although I did not hear back and assume my email was quickly deleted. .

Our actions, good or bad, do cause reactions (Newton's theory of movement), and more importantly, our online content represents us. For many of us, or name is our brand. If we generate bad content, eventually we lose subscribers, and many times we generate negative comments about our conduct on other people's blogs, forums and websites. . From an SEO and Google algorithm point of view, the buzz on the street tells us that Google is not only seeking quality content, but now Google is ranking sites by authority, or by the writers authenticity. How they do this is beyond my scope of understanding, but I can encourage each of us to use exceptional, value-added, content, combined with positive professionalism. Even if the algorithms can't detect kindness, prospects and subscribers can detect professionalism. Oh, and like myself, when confronted with unprofessionalism, they simple delete their subscriptions and find another marketer. .

My goal is to help others grow in their online business, however, I do want to emphasize the power of our words. We each might be surprised as to the number of prospects who respond to a well thought out, educational, warm-hearted, and professional article or email. I finish by saying that I hope my words inspire others to publish quality, professional content. It is easy to hide behind the digital walls of the Internet, but even behind these firewalls and take users, people all respond to this, "treat others as you wish to be treated".

Until next time, Kind regards, Bob P Wilson, Pay IM Forward.

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