Best efforts to change your web traffic into Customers!

Posted by Bob on October 27, 2014 at 12:05 AM

Do you place a lot of your efforts into receiving website traffic? Have you spent countless hours working on an email capture process, social media 'fan' page, conducting SEO analysis of your website or blog content, just to place yourself higher in Google's rankings?

It's amazing the time spent by online marketer's, trying to send visitors to their website or blog, hoping this visitors will 'stick'. Have you been guilty of doing the same?

What actions are you taking to turn these visiting 'prospects' into 'customers'. In this article, the term customer can mean multiple things. A customer should be someone who is interested enough in your website's information, so that the visitor will either 'bookmark' your site, sign up via email, or purchase / download your information. It is my hope that a visitor will do all these things, but have you thought about just how many customers you have lost, simply because your content or 'call to action' is missing.

Consider this, if you are not doing your best efforts to supply 'answers' for visitors, your website visitors will simply move on, seeking to find their information elsewhere. What are you doing to create a website experience that 'delights' your visitor?

Take a minute and place yourself in the visitor's view, you are searching online for something, something important, ask yourself, "what am I doing to create delight with my visitors?" Are you providing valuable content on the first page of your blog or website? Remember, you have only one chance to gain a visitors attention, and that chance is the first 10 seconds when a visitor hits your page.

Are your colors appealing? Is your font easy to read? Are your picture placements perfect? Visitors will not settle for 'ok', when seeking a website, no matter how wonderful your information is, customers always look at the 'form' and 'fashion' of your website to create a first impression.

However, first impressions are just basic necessities in today's online marketing arena. Have you taken that extra step to satisfy the customers quest for information? It is important to ask for the customer's email, but is your need to collect their email so obnoxious that customer's just close your page and move to another?

Are you providing 'value-add' information? Value-add is simply the ability to download, without harassment, an informational e-book. Value-add can be as simple as doing a wonderful review of a helpful, Amazon, book and then, offering a link to this e-book.

Often times our need to collect customer's information overshadows that very basic needs of our customer. Remember, the visitor will come one time only, except if you provide a wonderful experience. Are you harassing for information? Does your website mislead visitors or misdirect them to relentless, repeated offers that will not allow your page to close? I promise you, if you are really working to gain new followers, you need to place yourself in your customer's position. Online sales and marketing is NO different than traditional sales and marketing channels. The secret is simple, place yourself in your customers place and make sure your are delighting your visitors and providing an experience that is wonderful and fulfilling.

From a working point of view, utilize web analytical tool, such as Google analytics, and study your statistics to determine what pages customers are looking at. Also, see if there are some pages which customers never visit. Where are your customers leaving your webpage? Statistical data will often help web owners find broken links or other missed processes that are leaving customers lost.

In summary, your website must perform at peak, 'delightful', performance from every angle. Provide immediate, pleasing, valuable information, and combine your efforts with a fully and precise customer navigational experience. Insure all your site is well tuned so that you capitalize upon your traffic efforts.


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