How Do I Rank Number One On Google?

Posted by Bob on November 2, 2014 at 1:40 PM

How Do I rank Number One On Google?

How Do I rank Number One On Google?

Recently, while having an online chat with one of my Facebook Business Page Followers (, my friend asked me, "how do I rank number one on Google"? I thought for a minute, such a simple answer, but how many individuals and small business owners do not understand the basics of online marketing.

To answer this question, simply place yourself in the position of the online "searcher" and the entity "Google" (or other search engine), working to answer your question, in this case, "Google" (this could be another search provider, such as Ask, Yahoo, or you should consider all search providers, and they all look at the answer to 'how do I rank number one on Google', using the same approach. The answer for me, is simple, if your searcher is asking a question, and needs help, send them to an expert. It's the same approach we should use when facing any life-question, to find your best answer, go to the expert, the professional who is trained, or the professor who educates, your best answers will always come from an expert.

How do you become an online 'expert'? Well, this is the answer most asked by online marketing professionals, to become an expert simply take the time to position yourself, naturally, on a variety of websites. In fact, most experts will have their own blog or website where they discuss current trends and topics relating to their specialty or passion. These same experts will often be found answering questions online, on a variety of websites. So the answer, from my perspective, and I am sure from "Google's" perspective, is you look for someone who appears online, in a variety of places, and is offering content that is relevant and useful to others.

So to review the question of how do I rank number one on Google, first, start by creating your own website, or blog, relating to your specialty (graphic designer, genealogy, scrap booking, etc). Then, begin building an online presence. Start with searching Google for the top 20 websites relating to your area of expertise, then sign up for each website and receive emails when others post on these sites. When applicable, take time to answer questions on these sites, or post comments to other people's questions, and be sure to end your salutation with YOUR information. Your information should always include a link to your website, your name, your moniker, and links to all of your online information (a Facebook business page, Linkedin profile, Google+ profile, etc.). Note, some sites will limit the information you place in your salutation, so be sure to read each sites, term's and conditions. What you are doing, in essence is creating backlinks to you and your websites, and inadvertently creating 'value' to Google and other web crawler's. When you write a post, make sure it complies with SEO guidelines. My best suggestion is to search the term 'how to create an SEO relevant webpost, and learn the exact steps necessary to create, SEO relevant webposts.

Continue to do the above steps, every day for 3-6 months, and see if you begin to see a rise in visitors to your website. Also, do a Google search on the term 'how do I rank number one on Google', and see if your website or blog is appearing in the top listing, first page, etc. Continue to place yourself in the position of 'the customer', add online value and watch your ranking increase.

There are many other strategies that help increase a rise in search rankings. If your business demands your constantly be on top of all searches, hire an SEO expert. These companies will work with you with specific strategies to increase your rankings.

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