Quotes I am a National Accounts manager with a major Fortune 100 company. I landed my sales job several years ago, but quickly realized I was in over my head. I heard about ElitemCorp through a friend of mine. ElitemCorp taught me how to sell properly. Since I had only had some basic sales training, my ElitemCorp team member became my coach and mentor. Together I learned how to develop a strategic customer sales plan and learned how to sell my services professionally, in a highly competitive market. My sales have dramatically increased! For the last 3 quarters my Company recognized me as a top sales performer.? What a wonderful feeling to know I am one of the best, and the financial rewards have changed my life! My employer loves me and my family is so very proud of me? thanks! I would recommend ElitemCorp, to any person who wants to become the BEST in their sales business. Quotes
John Kohle
National Accounts Sales Associate, Chicago, Illinois

Quotes Our Fortune 50 Corporation needed a program to increase membership base and help with membership retention. Bob, along with the staff at ElitemCorp, worked side-by-side with us and developed several key programs to help increase membership, increase program sales, and overall decrease our member cancellations. ElitemCorp's industry knowledge, combined with creativity, energy and hard work accomplished unbelievably excellent corporate sales & membership results. I highly recommend ElitemCorp and will continue to use their skills for years to come. Quotes
Walton Rogers
Vice President of Membership Programs, Northwest Arkansas

Quotes I contacted ElitemCorp several years ago when I decided to start my home-based business selling a national MLM product. I have never sold before and Bob and his team helped me understand the theory of sales, especially in-home sales, and helped me to organize my business. Together we created a plan to target my potential clients, organize my sales meetings, close sales, follow-up on new leads, set up a website, and grow my business. Today I am very successful in my business. I continue to use Bob simply because he is a wealth of ideas, which continue to help me grow my business and client base. Because of ElitemCorp, I am now proud to say I have realized my dream of being one of my company's 'Emerald' performers. I am realizing my dream! I can sell! Oh, and my income has exceeded my goals far and above expectations. I highly recommend ElitemCorp to any person who is new to sales and needs to understand sales and marketing! Bob & the Elitemcorp team are the BEST?. Quotes
Carol Edwards
Independent contractor & Private entrepreneur, Jacksonville, Fl

Quotes I have worked with the team at ElitemCorp for over 10 years now. I own a small home improvement company. Before we hired ElitemCorp our business was failing. We were in desperate need of sales. We hired the ElitemCorp team to develop a full marketing and sales program. Within 6 months our business dramatically increased. We began seeing 'real' sales and our revenues began to grow. After 1 full year of using ElitemCorp for sales & marketing, our small business had increased sales over $5M annually. Today we continue to use ElitemCorp to do sales training for all of our new sales associates. The staff loves sales and their commitment to help our business has allowed us to stay in business despite the tough economy. We have gone from giving estimates to making sales and increasing revenues. I highly recommend ElitemCorp to any person or company needing to increase sales.  This group loves what they do and they will help your business! Quotes
Gus Garrmond
President & CEO Mid States Home Improvement, Denver Colorado

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